Roșia Montană Gold Corporation

Context: Roșia Montană Gold Corporation insistă în demersurile necesare dobândiri dreptului de exploatare a zăcămintelor de aur (cel puțin) de la Roșia Montană.

” The Goa’uld (pronounced [ɡoˑɑˈʔuːld] go-ah-OOLD; commonly shortened to /ɡoʊˈuːld/ go-OOLD or /ˈɡuːld/ GOOLD) are a fictional symbiotic race of ancient astronauts from the American-Canadian military science fiction television franchise Stargate. The Goa’uld are parasites from the planet P3X-888, integrated within a host, most of the time a human. The resulting creatures are a powerful race bent on galactic conquest and domination, largely without pity, compassion or remorse.” (sursa wikipedia)

core pollution –  poluarea de bază, poluare a nucleului

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